December 19, 2017

and then we have this one, a two-fer' Talk-o Tuesday. This one is with Charles Bradley Huff, of Rally Pro Cycling. Absolute blast catching up with this Champ, and listening to his story. Even detailing the backdrop to the 3rd photo :) Enjoy, and thanks for listening.…/brad-huff-interview/id1325175652…

December 19, 2017

Caught up with Gord Fraser, current Director Sportif at Silber Pro Cycling. Winningest North American cyclist with 200+ professional wins. Have a listen in on our convo, and hope to have him back later in the year. Thanks for listening !!…/gord-fraser-interv…/id1325175652…

December 8, 2017

Also had the chance to sit and connect with Brandon McNulty of Rally Pro Cycling. We went over how he got into cycling, his slow and well guided progression, along with some insight throughout the years to claim the 2016 Junior World Championship TT Title. Great perspective and approach with some new goals to shoot for on the horizon. Listen closely about taking time to heal, time to REST, and what that really is. It's part of why he's one of the best IN THE WORLD. All the best to Brandon, thanks for connecting.

December 8, 2017

Found time to sit down and have a chat with this legend. Jono Hall, current Triathlon Canada coach along with other high end elite athletes. We talk about his personal training and competition ( though we didn't get into him winning the Australian National Road Championship ), but shooting for the Olympics and ultimate change to Coaching and helping others. He has some great insight and views i'd love for you to hear, like why he finds himself taking his athletes here to Scottsdale, AZ each winter for prep. Also, the techno :)

Enjoy, like and share -

December 6, 2017

Had a great chat with this mountain goat, Michael Woods AKA Rusty Woods. Professional Cyclist for Cannondale-Drapac (EF Education First-Drapac) Great story, great perspective, great person.

Have a listen, let me know what you think. like, share and continue to stay tuned.

October 8, 2017

Hey Guys!! thank you for joining me on the Facebook Live today ! HUGE Thank you to my coach, Adam Mills with Source Endurance who was trying to guide me and answer questions remotely! 

I had a blast with that, and I tried to couple some really good information for you and your friends to help you to reach your goals physically as well as health wise now, and in the future. If you liked it, let me know and I’ll try to do more of these types of events - and maybe have a little better outline of what i’d like to cover so i stay on topic :)

Here is a brief bullet point type outline of what my main goals were to get across to you all:

Basic Energy and Metabolism - Just breaking down the 3 systems that we as humans use to produce work, force, energy and metabolism.

1 - Aerobic Metabolism - this is when we use the oxygen we breath and convert it to energy in the cells. This can be done by using fat or blood glucose, muscle and liver glycogen. When we use glucose/glycogen it is converted much quic...

August 13, 2017

what do you do when what you've been working on and waiting for is just up and gone? What do you do when something is taken from you unexpectedly ?  Today my bicycle was stolen as I went into the gas station to get some Ice and water to cool down. I am here in Scottsdale, AZ in the summer heat, and I am training up to prepare for the Tour of Britain at the beginning of the month. The days start early, nearly 4 am here, and doing high intensity intervals, the core temperature gets high. So this deems it necessary to take action to cool it back down, in order to do more, as well as later into the ride. As I've done hundreds of times (at this gas station in particular), as well as thousands of other area cyclists, we thankfully get the chance to cool down with some Ice and water at the local gas stations. Not much more than a minute later, as I head back out the store to begin my next portion of training, someone has taken off with my bike. 

Immediately in a state of shock,...

July 29, 2017

Our team, Cylance Pro Cycling spent a week in Vancouver B. C. to do a few races and visit our team clothing sponsor, Sugoi at Thor headquarters. Here are some images from taking in the sites of eh city and surrounding area.

  1. Link to video:  👌🏽


Make a change by nahko 

July 27, 2017

Long weekend spent up north, Flagstaff, AZ with family and friends. Bikes, hikes, sunsets, doggies and good food.

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