What we tell ourselves about who we are. What we tell others about who we are. Well, hopefully this ends aligning with who we actually are.

I could dive into a long drawn out story to help one understand the paradigm that I come to see the world through, because everyone has a story. In those stories though, there are always a few twists and turns that make each of us unique and shine a certain light in this world.

I grew up in a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michgan alongside my brother. We had an amazing childhood surrounded by the great outoors, with love and support from family and friends. We would also spend a lot of time competing in every sport we could enter.

As high school ended and college started, a slow and steady shift to immersing myself in study and learning about biology, then onto physiology, and finally deep into chemistry. That journey led me along a path to the pharmaceutical engineering world. A change of plans, after listening to my heart and intution for the first time, had me drop out of pharmacy school at the University of Michigan and begin forging another path.

The next year Chiropractic school began in the Minneapolis, MN area. A city not too large to get lost in, but large enough to expose me to art, culture, and an endurance athletics world. Chiropractic schol was eye opening and helped expand my undertanding of the body, but also broadening my awareness of the body's amazing capacity to thrive. At this same time, I made a shift in how I was caring for my body and health overall. Shifting focus from the external result of exercise, to a wholistic approach nurturing the body's innate desire for balance and health. The experience of a road bike would blow my mind. Subsequently entering a race rekindled that competitive drive I so regularly enjoyed as a child.

Fast forward a decade or so from the start of Chiropractic school, as well as that experience on the bike, I feel so lucky I stopped to ask myself "what is your legacy? what is your purpose? what story do you want to tell? what is your vision to make it happen?"


Everything that has happened since has just been incredible.