What a ride. Literally and figuratively, the bike has been a vehicle for change, discovery, growth, and inspiration. The challenges and lessons along the way have been amazing, and I would never have guessed when I first got on a road bike I'd have these stories to tell. 


As a child, my brother and I competed in BMX racing in the late 80's to early 90's. It was great fun and taught us discipline and focus. We moved on to many other sports along the way, but when I enrolled in Chiropractic school nearly two decades later, I revisited the love of the bike.


The desire to see what the body is capable of and compete against the very best, kept cycling as a priority to find time for. Initially I was able to carve out time and find success in primarlity criterium racing throughout Chiropractic school in the Midwest, with the support of the cycling community in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

After Chiropractic school ended and as a first year Doctor, I shifted gears and moved to the SouthWest. No friends or family out there at the time, with the economy in the tank, and making a living a must, cycling was basically nonexistent this year of my life. The following year I again found time to train and compete in the SouthWest. 

The story continued as I found the desire to compete and succeed at every level I was able to step to. This ultimately led me to get a shot at competing on a professional level. The year began with a bang, winning the first race of the year. The rest of the season consisted of riding for teammates to help them achieve their goals as they consistently dominated the race scene. Setting up the base of fitness and scenario that was necessary and instrumental in achieving a USPRO Road Race National Championship. 

The following year, I was able to come across the line first in the USPRO Criterium Championships in a similar scenario that had the focus on my more successful teammates throuhgout the race. I was the first American male rider to hold both Professional National Championships at the same time. 

Honored to have the opportunity to wear the Red, White, and Blue for USA Cycling at the World Championships and Pan Am Games in Toronto, CA. I was able to put together a great race to keep the USA in the running for a medal at the Pan Am Games, coming up just inches shy of a gold medal in the Road Race. 

I'm grateful for the people that have been involved in this journey, as well as the opportunities I've been given along the way. I've been apart of a lot of successful teams that have seen the team succeed and individuals thrive. I know any of my successes has been because of thier help, and I can be proud of the work I've done that has contributed to thiers.

I look forward to continuing the ride, enjoying the journey along the way.