Endurance Chiropractic


Endurance Chiropractic draws an active lifestyle patient base, with a tendency towards endurance sports ( cyclists, triathletes, runners, mountaineering, etc ). Competing personally and having a team of providers keeping me on track, I can relate with the experiences they are going through giving guidance, recommendations, and prescribing care plans based on thier individual situation. All patients will be educated on the benefits of Chiropractic care and how it can be applied for their personal goals. In addition, they are almost always recommeded to see other practitioners and providers, which can enhance the patient outcome and provide the best results possible. Working as a team for the patient, we can draw upon clinical outcomes steering the ship back on course for those applying the principles necessary to do so.


This is the core, the essence, of where success and failure can intersect with training goals, but also long term health. With my role in the endurance community I look to connect with patients and facilitate them achieving thier goals in health across all facets of life.

Consistent care for all aspects of your health is the only way you'll see the results you desire.

I hope my track record proves this, and will bring about confidence in my care.

I look forward to seeing you.


Endurance Chiropractic does not accept insurance, per se. I choose to practice as a fee-for-service clinic and expect payment as services are rendered. If your insurance plan covers my services, simply send the invoice/receipt copy to your insurance company/HSA for reimbursement. If you are not sure of your coverage, please call your insurance company/HSA. You will be reimbursed directly for your out-of-pocket expense at the rate your insurance pays. Endurance Chiropractic chooses not to accept insurance for many reasons, but mainly becuase Insurance companies dictate necessity based on how much money it will cost them, not based on how much care you need. ( Imagine the difference between someone looking to compete in a marathon, triathlon, hike the Grand Canyon, or race thier bicycle, etc. and being given the same training program to accomplish that goal.  They get more fit becuase they are exercising, but not actually specific to thier needs. )  These decisions are typically made by people lacking any kind of medical training, not doctors. I promise to do everything possible to improve your well being, as long as you are truly invested in doing so. I won’t let insurance companies confuse what is best for them in lieu of what is best for you.

This is my professoin, I'm honored and privileged to represent it as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and I'm proud and deeply grateful to earn a living caring for this community.