May 1, 2017

The cycling and endurance communities have lost some very special people in the last month or so. We all can relate to why we have chosen this as a part of our lives, it hits close to home. THough nothing like those whose homes it directly involves. So, with the friends and families of those involved my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

We all will find our own time and in our own way to deal with loss. For me, i chose to feel that joy of saddling up and clipping in on the bike, as well as those tailwinds as a reminder that we are all connected. That our choices affect so many, and in ways more than we know. Also to honor how lucky, privileged, and blessed we are to have the opportunities that we do.

Also, I chose to donate to the Steve Tilford Memorial Fund in order to honor and keep his legacy alive. He represents so much of why we all love this sport, but even more so - his passion and enthusiasm for life itself was very evident. So to rem...

December 20, 2016

Special thank you to Team Jamis and everyone involved. Such a special year in so many ways. So happy to have been able to share it with you all. 👌🏽🙏🏽 Thank you for that opportunity and believing in the sport. In us. In the full expression of life.

November 21, 2016

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have some wonderful times ahead this holiday week. Yesterday I did a hike in Flagstaff, AZ. Click through to watch the vid and catch some of the stats. Keep in mind that the backpack is full of supplies in the case something should go wrong, weather rolls in, etc. I'm not suggesting to do what I did, but as we head into the Holidays ahead that we begin to think of our choices and connect with that demand we create. Try to conserve, we've got all that we need already. Maybe give more time, not things this holiday season.

November 5, 2016

Cannot explain how epic this was. 

Spent the entire day in here hiking. So incredible. First, I did it without food to highlight energy conservation, where it comes from and how it made it's way to you. To think about how much we actually need versus want, and what the true cost of that is. 

Second, with only drinking the water from the creek to highlight the importance that water is life. That we need to protect clean water. Keep a watch out for a little video I’ll put together on this day, and this entire weekend of goodness I’ve embarked on.

If anyone knows West Fork, I think i almost made it to FSR 231, but needed to turn back for my ride back. (you must know that beyond the first narrows, mile 3 the next 11 there is NO TRAIL at all) so bloody epic. If you don’t connect with something greater, I don’t know what to say. Don’t get me wrong, I was prepared if shit hit the fan. But to go in and really rely upon the water being pure and clean, and to really have to be conscious of energy c...

October 31, 2016

 what a ride. thank you everyone for the love an support, being there as well as checking in on myself and Nani. Much Love. All is good. Enjoyed getting more than I ever had out of myself for this one. Stronger in every way I know, as of today. Was so grateful my brother was able to come and spend a week with me. So good for the soul. Very special to be able to do that also with our Mother. Forever grateful for her. Been enjoying a break from structured days. Hiking, Swimming, skiing, yoga, Mountain bike, exploring, the cooler temps and season change and more.  Feels good to just chill and let go. 

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