October 23, 2016

All things behind me. All good things ahead.

Been an eventful last couple months. Tons of growth. Tons of learning.

No man steps in the same river twice, as it's never the same river nor the same man. Grateful for what I've been able to see and do and all those along the way who've believed in me and given that unconditional support. Certainly not the way I'd have wanted Wolrd Championship to go, but I can say I was capabale and enjoyed fully the immersion into getting to that level.

Learning to let go of some sort of result or outcome, yet enjoying the process to hopefully take advantage of the opportunity when it arises. When it doesn't pan out, taking that growth and learning, then applying it better when given the next opportunity. It really is amazing to see how many people support and believe in you and are willing to go out of their way to help in any way. And also those who have never doubted or held me back pursing what I love, as well as exploring fully my gifts that I've been b...

September 17, 2016

Hey Everyone, new Video up. Hope you were able to enjoy the Sunset / Moonrise tonight. And maybe even the chance for that Sunrise / Moonset mañana. 

Below is a few candid thoughts out there tonight. I like to speak from the heart and in one take. SO, yes it may be a little longer than the attention span of todays society. But if you make it through, I hope you get some nuggets.

September 7, 2016

A quick preview on why I choose to regularly incorporate roller skis into my routine, what nearly 30 muscles the core actually involves, and why it's great to get out and start the day on a positive note. 

leave questions or comments below so I can reach out and provide more info and content. Thanks for watching.

September 6, 2016

I’ve always listened to my intuition when I felt needed guidance. I recall it when I dropped out of pharmacy school, moved to Minneapolis, and chose chiropractic school months later. Then, I chose to pursue cycling, also moving to Arizona, opening my own practice, along a few more decisions that were life changing.  Each of the

m, I felt I was deeply in tune with moving in the right direction that I should be for growth and connection.

Right now, I am in the middle of moving. I’ve of course had to move over the years, and it definitely isn’t fun. It’s not our typical routine and takes a lot of energy. This last move, I was particularly stoked and excited for it, and was looking forward to what was to come of it. This time however, I just didn’t think I’d be in this place, and it’s pretty heavy. That said, getting things sorted is a chance to get rid of things you no longer use or need, and to keep things close that matter. Also, to revisit what got you here.

This accompanying photo was ta...

September 1, 2016

Some post training, oxygen deprived candid thoughts. I'll look to share some insight on choices I make, and why. From both a competitor standpoint as well as a health care peovider. I'll try to help serve Jose interested so that you can make a better educated choice, as well as see how it could apply in your life. 🙏🏽


September 1, 2016

Massive month in my life. I will never forget this. I think the quote from Don Miguel Ruiz is perfect here:

"A moment of clarity without any action is just a thought that passes in the wind. But a moment of clarity that is followed by an action becomes a pivotal moment in our life" 

enjoy the photos, and thanks for following along on my journey.

August 29, 2016

I still do ride. Though, certainly not at the level I had attained over the years, or at the level I was at a month or so ago. You see, I had taken a little break after the one day races of Nationals, Winston-Salem, and Philly. If you’ve read my post about coming into those hot, I was ready to race and win. If not win, be a factor in them, and I believe that was the case. As you’ll see in the TrainingPeaks screenshot, it’s like I fell of the face of the earth in regards to fitness. Why? Well, you’ll see a steady progression of upward trend, building, building, building. When I am home here, i have a real good sense of what it takes to break down and build up to that stimulus. Plus, with me having the education and background I do, I do a lot of things that are available to me ( and everyone else ), that are often left off the table as a benefit for recovery. That’s what this site is for, is to plant seeds and educate on what and how things can be implemented in your life to make the mo...

August 22, 2016

It’s occurred to me over the last month or so, the numerous places i’ve been and stayed; Hotels, couches, Air mattresses, couches, and the like. Traveling for racing and training, as well as a much needed trip back home to where I grew up, there are also multiple settings where we can encounter a mirror. Literal and figurative mirrors. Literal, in the bathrooms, airports, stores, cars, among others. Figurative, in the people around you, those who cross your path who’s energy and light you love. And those who’s energy you not so much like or love. 

In any case, the light in every one of these mirrors is different. So what you see and don’t see will vary greatly. In some of these recently, maybe because I am really in a state of growth and awareness, I see the scars and conditioning to my body. When I was younger. I grew up with the idea that a man had muscles and how you looked really mattered. Now, I will clarify that this was when I was really young. Really young. But that doesn’t mean...

August 2, 2016

 (photo credit: Brian Black Hodes, Veloimages)

Today we raced out of the Zion National Park for the start of the Tour of Utah. Quite the magnificent backdrop as you climb out and exit the park. Stunning really, and awe inspiring. Personally, I was very grateful for the opportunity and experience to be of the few who could embark on it. 

VeloNews ran an article about it today ( VeloNews Link ) it outlines the long arduous process of what it takes to put on an event like the Tour of Utah, and the hurdles the organizers have to get over to make it happen. 

In the article, one of the hurdles came from a nearby town, Springdale:

"By 2015, Springdale residents no longer supported the plan. In October 2015, the town council voted 3-2 to reject the race. Springdale mayor Stan Smith said the recent surge in tourism at Zion has created an isolationist attitude among some residents. This year, the park expects to see 4 million visitors, up from 3.5 million last year. 

“There’s a gr...

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